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Thread: Qhost And Google, Seems To Be A Virus

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    now this is a strange on, within the last 6 hours, all i have done is scrolled through the boards here and checked a few things out

    but now when i open IE i get this weird page and it states the following

    404 Error Page Not Found

    A message from Server Admin: Some people have reported arriving at our error page after typing in or clicking a link to a major search engine. After extensive research into the issue we have found that one of our server I.P. addresses has been targeted by a virus which you may have on your computer called "QHosts". This virus was made several months before we were allocated the server I.P. addresses we have now, and therefore we have no control over it (much to our dismay as it causes disruption to our servers on a regular basis, however it is gradually diminishing.) The Microsoft cumulative patch for this vulnerability is available here.

    We have provided our links page below which contains, amongst other things, hyperlinks to some major engines, routed thru our own server which is not affected by the virus, so they work Ok. You are welcome to use these links, if you want to, until your own computer is working properly.

    now i have tried sysmantech qhost removal tool and it finds nothing

    i have done a full virus check and nothing comes up, and my definition are 3/4/04

    i have done a spybot and nothing at all there

    i will keep investigating this but if anyone has ideas let me know

    oh and btw reg edit seem to have been disabled as well

    i am also running spyware guard, spyware blaster, spybot and norton a/v pro 2004,
    all fully up todate

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    ok in addition when i attemp to open google , it open a page with the abone on it , and the tries to popup a web page from

    on this main page it has links to 4 search engines, one of them being google
    but when clicked on the address is justtempltes\

    i did find one thing in spybot its osssyncnet, and its a folder in docs and settings called video.exe ( yes the folder is call video.exe )

    this has me stumped, i strive to keep my comp up to date and free of shit like this

    plz help

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    This is the advertisement Popup in Google I know.

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    lol dont panic, it seems the google web site was stuffed up for about and hour, so they tell me bu it dont make any sence to me , but its back to normal now ????

    confusing, and a good tip you noob users, dont panic and start reformating and deleting things , just give it time first, 50% of things fix them selves


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