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Thread: Video Clips

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    I have downloaded some movies from Kazaa Lite.
    Properties identifies them as Video clips with Video Compression - Divx MPEG4.v3.
    I am trying to burn them to a dvd-r disc using Nero and also using DVD Shrink 3.1.
    Neither program will recognise these movie files.Can I convert these movies to a format that I can burn?
    Seems like a lot of download time gone to waste if I can't, although I can view them via computer monitor
    My dvd burner is a Pioneer 106D
    I'm obviously a newby - hope I got the terminology right

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    yep convert to mpg, you need software like tmpgenc dvd author , the files you have are avi format and need to be converted to mpeg compliant

    there is plenty of software to convert avi to vcd / svcd / dvd

    just take a look in the tutorials


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