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Thread: Safely Remove Hardware

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    when i start up windows, the 'safely remove hardware' icon also loads up and sits in the system tray. any ideas how to disable this??

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    why would you want to do that

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    to hide it
    right-click the start, and selecting Properties. Under the Notification area heading, click Customize. Find the Safely Remove Hardware icon and select Always hide in the Behavior column next to it (press OK and Apply to back out).
    to really remove it....its definetly in the task manager processes-but which google for each process, probably have to disable it thru the 'services'

    Found this-

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    The only way to prevent that icon from showing up (other than hiding it as described above) is to determine which USB device it refers to, and keep it unplugged until you need to use it. I've searched high and low for a better solution, and there just isn't one. Sorry.

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    I agree with nightwolf, you will also have this like on a laptop for switching the floppy drive and cd rom drive and ejecting the pcm/cia cards


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