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Thread: Putting A Webcam On My Website

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    Hi guys, wanna put a webcam on my website of my front room, so while I am at uni I can check who is in the house. I have always on broadband, I just wanna know the procedure for putting a live webcam on my website.

    Many Thanks

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    hmmm, might be eaier to use something like pc anywhere , or remote desktop, and just access your comp at home from uni ( although this might be hard with their firewall)

    i know macromedia flash server has something like that going on, but not sure

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    Yeh but I also wanna be able to let other people view aswell.

    Thanks matey.

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    Cheers matey, anyone got any advice for streaming software to use???

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    I recommend ConquerCam for snapping pictures off of your website and uploading them to your website; I believe you can set the time interval in which it snaps the pictures to upload to your website.

    However, I think it is shareware.


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