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Thread: Which P2p Is More Recomendable

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    I'm a complete n00b so I would apreciate it if you guys don't make fun of me.

    I recently switched from dial-up to cable and now whenever I try to use overnet I get a ' You're behind a firewall ' message. I asked arround on the Overnet forum and they told me it was because my isp was giving me a private ip adress and that there was nothing to do about it unless they were willing to sell me a public one.

    I've also been getting very few results when I search for stuff on kazza and I'm downloading dial-up slow.

    So my question is: Which p2p would be best for this situation? Or should I ask my isp about the public adress?

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    Im sorry but I dont have an Idea what you are talking about with private or public IP but anyway that doesnt meant a thing

    You could try Bittorrent or IRC for both you can find very nice guides in the appropriate section.

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