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Thread: Microsoft Plus! For Win Xp

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    i found a 217 MB file that i'm sure is complete. i have windows xp home (legit) and am wondering what i do with this file. do i open it? do i burn it on a disk? what steps do i do in nero? is this a good program?

    ATM, i can't get XP Corporate to burn using the File>Burn Image thing. saying foreign something. thxnadv

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    I just got the same file of Plus!. Just run the installer within the folder. i forget what packed it, but you won't have to worry, this is the good version. I had one lower in byte count, and it was missing .dll's. If I remember correctly, you don't even have to enter a product key. I love that bowling game that it comes with. Funny you are mentioning this add-on, I was just looking for it the other day. Enjoy.

    BTW, you can burn it to CD for later installs. It will autoload.


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