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Thread: Outlook And Firewall

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    hi, i am having a massive problem with ms outlook (2003) and sygate firewall, i have had to uninstall my firewall for my outlook to work, any ideas on a cure?

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    as long as u right click on outlook and click allow there should be no problems, i have non

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    right click where on outlook. what happens is i install sygate, then my email accounts in outlook and everything works fine but if i reboot/restart my pc thats when the problems start, even though i have clicked 'allow' in sygate for outlook. my emails 'received status' has a problem and i dont know why, right now i dont have a firewall, the funny thing is this has only started yesterday and everything was fine before that, but yesterday i made 2 changes, 1, i increased my b/b speed to 1mb, 2, i have installed steganos internet anonym 6, maybe that should help you

    EDIT: it wasnt my firewall that was causing the problem, it was nortons anti virus


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