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Thread: Theoretic Bandwidth Of A Telephone Line

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    I use ADSL, and that comes in through my regular phone line.
    Recently, it was upgraded to 3Mb/s.
    So now I have 3.360.000 bps download, 128.000bps upload, and I can still use the phone.
    So what would be the maximum amount of bps a phone line can handle?

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    That depends on the kind of telephone infrastrucure your country has in the UK the wires are absolutely horrible and 3Mb/s is amazing for the UK damn u and ur great country to live in lol

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    this is a matter of how far you are from your local exchange, as the signal will degrade over distance.
    Assuming your phoneline is a pair of copper wires and your 5foot from your local exchange you should be able to get some good results, remeber that they got Gigabit Ethernet running on copper wire (only just mind), with extramly highgrade cables (Cat 6, none of this cat5 stuff )
    The lines used for phonelines are nearer cat3 (in the UK anyway), and on ethernet they got that to 10Mb/s, take into account noise etc on a phoneline and it drops to about 8Mb/s, which I know they got ADSL running at in a lab at the end of last year.

    Hope that sensless ramble confused you some more

    oh - and there are some mathematical things somewhere to prove all that, i just can't remeber where


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