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Thread: Private Messages & High Speed Connection Problems

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    Hey everyone, i am new at this board but anyways the reason why i came on here is mainly because of private messaging. When i am in Kazaa Lite & leaving it on all day while im at work or whatever so people could upload from me while i can download stuff w/o me having to be here watching it. Well sometimes there are people Private Messaging me stuff while i am away at work so i have no way of repsonding to them while i am away.. i was wondering if i could talk to someone or something would fix that problem so we have a auto-repond function in our private message boxes. Also a time on when they private messaged you would be a good thing too so we know when they private messaged you.

    I really dont know where to go or who to talk to, so i can get this resolved because to me its a really big deal so people dont think i am iqnoring them or something like that. Also too i noticed that my internet connections in kazaa lite is really slow. I have high - speed internet service & many times people who are uploading or if im downloading from someone it is extremly slow, it can be anywhere from 5kb a sec orto 0.02kb/sec.. i am almost positive that some people have high speed internet expecially if you have movies, or large files, you really should have a high speed connection.. its really annoying when people d/l large files from me & are only going 5kbsec or less, when most people could do at least 12kbsec or more.

    If there is some way too that could be eliminated or to be helped.. i only use like 10 uploads and about 20downloads at a time.. well actually at this point i have about 40 files to d/l but about 15-23 are in need of more sources so basically i have about 20files being searched.. i dont know if that really makes a difference. Also it would be nice to know what the other computer is connected at what speed & how much bandwith they are currently using so basically that is my other question as well.

    Anyways if someone could help me on these 2 topics or at least somewhere where i can give a suggestion to so that would be able to help me and others.

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    How fast can you upload and have you limited upload bandwidth max in KL++ to equal or less than that value?

    If not, your download speeds WILL suffer whenever you are uploading near max speed.

    Also, even though you only have 10 uploads max at once, how fast could EACH go if each one got an equal share of your upload bandwidth?


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