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Thread: Mushkin Latency Settings

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    I have the Mushkin 2x256 ddr pc3200 222 specials and was wondering what would be the best settings for this ram? right now its at, and I heard that setting it at 11 is good? Not sure what those settings are about, I was just wondering what is the best for what my setup is in my sig.
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    I think it was clocker on about it for nforce chipsets.I 'm sure theres a few that has Mushkin that could prob advise.Best thou to play with different setting and test yourself.

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    Indeed, twas I.
    I had read that, due to some oddity concerning the nForce2 chipset architecture,
    setting your tRAS ( in your case 5) to 11 improved benchmark scores.

    I benched my memory using a tRAS setting from 6 all the way to 11 and indeed ,11 gave me the best result...nothing major, mind you, a few points.
    You'll have to try this for yourself as there is no substitute for personal testing.
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    I have the exact same ram you do, sept mine is at 2-3-3-11, because I overclocked it by 20Mhz, so I had to loosen the timings. 2-2-2-5 worked fine for me.
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