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Thread: Uploads Vs Downloads

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    Greetings Everyone!
    I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this.
    I'm curious as to why when i'm downloading almost any file my download speed seems to always be less than 1.0kb yet when someone is uploading from me their speed seems to be 10 to 30 times faster. There are 3 users on my pc. Could one of my roommates have changed something to cause such slow uploading?
    Any information that could be provided would be of immense help.

    Thank you for your time and assistance..

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    assuming you are using kazaa lite

    go to options then kazaa lite k++ options

    click on advanced and check the max upload bandwidth

    depending on your connection speed set this to around 24 to 64

    this should slow uploads

    the go to traffic and set it to 4 uploads at once

    see if that helps

    in reducing uploads your downloads should increase

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    Thank You delphin460 for the quick response.
    I checked the items you suggested and found that the bandwidth is set at unlimited. The max sources per file was set at 300 and downloads is currently set at just 1.
    I am useing Kazaa Lite++. I have no problem with users downloading any files fast, just want to upload a little faster. There is a file currently uploading that will take 784 hours at the speed of 0.12kb

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    Originally posted by Madagan1@5 March 2004 - 00:54
    I'm curious as to why when i'm downloading almost any file my download speed seems to always be less than 1.0kb yet when someone is uploading from me their speed seems to be 10 to 30 times faster. There are 3 users on my pc.
    MANY users running Kazaa/KL++/Grokster/Imesh are on 56k modems, so it is only natural that they can only upload at 1 KB/sec if they are sharing to 2+ people at once. That is why your download speeds are often slow.

    Even people on broadband may give out VERY slow uploads (your downloads from them) because THEY have uploads set to unlimited or at least 20. If they can only upload at 14 KB/sec total, splitting that 20 ways is less than 1 KB/sec each.

    It is a good idea to use limits on both uploads, upload bandwidth, downloads, and download sources.

    It doesn't help much to set download sources over 20 -- because MOST files can never find that many active sources at once. Either people sharing those files are offline or busy uploading to other users... or there's just not that many people sharing those files period. So setting download sources over 40 probably just wastes ram and slows your computer down slightly for no gain.

    For downloads max, greater download speeds can be achieved I've heard by downloading 1 thing at a time -- possibly even by pausing other downloads. Otherwise, downloads will seldom or even NEVER be downloading from more than 2 sources each. I don't know why this is, but lots of people seem to have this problem -- so it may be how Kazaa/KL++ is programmed/hard-coded to prevent "over-leeching".

    Max upload slots at once should be set high enough that you usually use all the upload bandwidth you let KL++ have, but not so many that each upload cannot go at least 2 KB/sec. So if you can upload at 30 KB/sec, don&#39;t set uploads higher than 15 and preferably no higher than 10. If you&#39;re sharing large files consider setting it between 3-5 -- but any lower and much of the time dial-up users will be downloading from you at <1 KB/sec each.

    Max upload bandwidth is in kilobits/sec, not KiloBYTES/sec (KB/sec for short), so each kilobit/sec is 1/8th a KB/sec -- 64 kilobits/sec = 8 KB/sec for instance.
    So if you can upload at 30 KB/sec, the closest limit would be 256 kilobits/sec (32 KB/sec) -- or 128 kilobits/sec (16 KB/sec). To get a much better upload bandwidth limit, just run KL++&#39;s setup wizard and select the connection type that closest matches yours. Cablemodems are allowed to upload faster with the same max upload bandwidth than A/DSL lines due to cablemodems being better able to run closer to max speed on both uploads AND downloads at the same time.

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    as switech has advised you, go here test your speed then run the setup wizard and do what switech has said.

    also remember

    your download speed depends on the # of sources for it and their upload speed, anddon&#39;t be fooled by whatyou see in the search window they are not an indication of who is available for connection so change supernodes to see if you get lucky, also use localized supernodes, also try changing ports, and lower your upload bandwidth,remove the no ip sources from your dat files and see if it helps


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