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Thread: Anyone Ever Use Radlight ?

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    I was surfing round and i came across this video player, RadLight. at first i though it was crap but when i look at the forum i saw that one of the topics has 192,798 views.

    is this really a good player?

    are they somehow changing the view number on that topic?

    the sexiest lady thead has 8 times as many replys and only 67,733 views (i think its the most view tread on this board)

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    i had trouble when it came to uninstalling rad, and its no better than bsplayer or vlan, stick with what others use here , will make it easier if u got problems

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    Ughh, evil, evil piece of software. It bundles spyware, and also tries to disable any copies of Ad-Aware on your system.


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