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Thread: This Will Be Embarrasing...

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    Long story short :

    A couple of moths ago , we signed up for ADSL with free installation. This is the hardware (in French , sorry). I had one laptop connected with the card and a second PC used the USB adaptor.
    Now , PC number two died and I'm trying to set up an internet connection on it's replacement. I installed the adaptor (which is recognised) , the PC detects the home network and manages to connect to it.. So far , so good.
    Unfortunately , this is where I'm stuck. I have no clue how to get the PC to connect to the internet - I tried the "new connection" wizard , but IE still tells me it "can't connect to the server".

    I know I missed something really simple and noobish - what is it ?

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    ok, well seeing as ur from belgium, would you maybe have a dutch version of the manual???? might help a lil.........

    now are you sure everything is connected rite?

    if so, is all the software installed correctly........ cause the software i got for my modem.......... well............ sux............

    have you paid your phone bill lately (dont laugh, a friend of mine had me working on her comp 4 bout 2 hours till we realised she haddent paid her ISP for sum time)???

    what kind of error does it give you? at what fase of dialing up??? make screenshots if you can.............
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    (Assuming you are using windows)

    My french is not all that great but it looks like a dsl modem. Maybe you need to install a PPPOE client. Try using RASPPPOE. It is the best PPPOE client I find out there. (the driver is under 100k and has seamless integration with the operating system- used within the standard Dial-Up Networking framework)

    If it is a router then you need to set it up. check out its manual.

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    is the connection always on (already connected as soon as PC boots) or do you have to provide a username/password
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    Is the phoneline activated for adsl ?

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    1) My bills are paid , the phone line is activated , I have 13 GB+ left in D/L credit , and the other computer - using the same router - has no problems at all.

    2) The adaptor is properly installed , I have a connection with the router . I can ping the router (on and get 4/4 packages , but I can't access the router control panel from the faulty PC. I can ping external IP adresses and get 4/4 packages , but I can't access sites through IE or Firefox.

    3) It's not the browser , because even the clock can't connect to synchronize. It's not the hardware , because the USB adaptor works and I'm using the router now.It's not a bad connection , because the router registers an open connection with "bad" PC. It's not a safety settng , because WEP , Wireless Authentication and the firewall are all disabled.

    4) Here's the things that might be it -

    - Something from Microsoft
    - The Event Log shows a recurring error : when I start the browser on the "bad" PC the "good" one logs a message that the second PC claims it is the "master browser" , which the "good" PC disagrees with.

    Suffice to say this is way over my newbie head , I haven't got a clue how to diagnose/solve this - any suggestions before I have to call in a pro ?

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    As much as I hate bumping...


    The problem persists , tech support won't answer the phone , I'm at a loss.
    So -

    DSL through router , wireless , always-on , reciever (USB) installed and working , connection shows up on computer and router , router already in use by another PC so it's working. Problem : "server not found" in IE , "connection refused" in Firefox.

    If this thread dies again , I won't resurrect it. Promise.

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    Did you setup your router. That seems to be your problem. Most have a web interface to setup logon info. Try conecting to it using a web brower. You may also have to reset it. (Check for a pin hole to press)

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    Well , tech support wasn't helpfull. I dialed number one, they forwarded me to number two , who told me to dial number one. . Great service , guys.

    I can't get into the router control panel. When I try it on the working PC , no prob - I know the place like the back of my hand. On the "bad" one , no luck.

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