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Thread: Software Needed For Altering Bitrate

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    i am wondering if anyone can help me in this matter. i have downloaded a few films now that have been ripped from a dvd and some are ok as in they have a cbr bitrate and when split with virtuabub.. the sound stays in sync. but some have a vbr bitrate and goes out of sync when i split it. i tried converting the whole file straight to mpeg but all i got was the movie with no sound. i use virtuadub and tmpgenc plus. i also have a mpeg splitter if its easier to encode the file whole?. i have looked for software that will let me encode the sound at the speed i want it i.e 132.7 like virtuadub might say it needs redone at for that perticular movie. but i have found nothing that has let me do this and the settings on tmpgenc plus only give certain bitrate settings like 128,160 and so on. is there software out there that can fix my sound or is there another way thats not a nightmare? if so... whats the software i need or how do i go about getting the sound to play at same speed as movie when its split.

    first time here and hope someone can help me with this little prolem

    p.s it's so i can put it on cd for my dvd player as its a huge hastle to watch on the computer

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    Try virtualdub mp3 freeze for all your vbr audio .avi's. Excatly the same as virtualdub but it supports VBR audio streams. Find the d/l link here.

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    thanks namzuf9.. i gave it a try and did what i did to set up the splitting of files with the normal virtualdub i had. when i converted i had no sound. i normaly split a file doing this way... (video - direct stream copy),(audio- full processing mode),(audio conversion- high quality box ticked), (audio - no compression) then goto edit and select where you want cut and when done click save avi and name file. is there something i should do different in this virtualdub? i did try it by just opening the file and then selecting areas to cut and save without altering settings. but this was going to create a huge 3.5 gig file for one half of a movie (but did give me sound). i must be doing something wrong as thats too big a file i would have thought. any thoughts on this would be appreciated thanks.

    p.s when i split file i get perfect sound in first file but no sound in 2nd file splitting. happens no matter how large i make the splits.

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    worked out what was wrong... instead of audio being at full processing mode it should be set at direct stream copy when doing vbr.


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