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Thread: Seeding

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    once i finish a d/l i wack my upload up to full and let other d/l off me, i know it a little stupid but do people remember to do this or should we infact do this after we finish our d/l, i can understand a low upload rate while d/l but to help people out it'd be nice to give back
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    No I do the same never upload at full speed when downing you end up upping and not getting,well I do.

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    I try to find the point where my download speed equals my upload speed -- so if I want to disconnect shortly after finishing the download I&#39;ve already returned as much to others as I got.

    In a couple minor experiments I did with torrents with large numbers of seeds and downloaders, I kept lowering my upload bandwidth while downloading. I started at my effective upload max of ~26 KB/sec and reduced it all the way down to the point where my download speed didn&#39;t increase any further. Once at 5 KB/sec on uploads, download speed had maxed out around 220 KB/sec. But even uploading at 20 KB/sec, I was still able to download at over 150 KB/sec. And at 13 KB/sec, download speeds were already right at 200 KB/sec. So setting my upload to 20 KB/sec still lets me get downloads fast enough while also sharing back at a reasonable rate.

    Usually, I have 2 or more torrents going at once -- 1 which is finished and sharing back and a second one that&#39;s trying to finish. Naturally, I give more upload bandwidth to the unfinished one to increase its CHANCES of finishing -- but once they&#39;re both done I try to insure both return 100% or more of the amount I downloaded... even if it takes days.

    In ANY case, I try to leave about 1 KB/sec of upload bandwidth for web browsing.

    "Unlimited" speed is only fit for "unlimited" bandwidth connections -- and I don&#39;t know of any&#33; BitTorrent starts losing connections and sending bad data if you try to make it go any faster than max for your connection.


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