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    I have to computers (both with cable and winME)
    But on my other computer I have downloaded Kazaa, after a while of using it the computers internet stopped working. I call technical support and they say the problem is K, because of the ads yet so I start using KL and this problem still occurs! The internet would crash and say problems with "kernal.d3". So I was thinking it probably my computer so I done if I should download KL for my other one! I need help how to fix and avoid this problem on my ew computer if I decide to use KL.
    Should I use Kazaa Lite or Diet Kazaa?
    (sorry for double posting I postted this in the wrong forum )

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    Sounds serious

    Maybe try
    Network connections
    right click Local Area Lan
    mark "internet Protocol"
    mark Automatic

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    It could be the spywares that are still in your computer. Try removing them with Ad-aware

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    very intrestin... did you try searching google? sometimes they have solutions to problems there too... :/

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    don't know what you think is the wrong forum, but this need to be in filesharing.
    As member you have the privilige to post inside...
    So topic moved B)

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    Use the newest version of KLite (K++).
    Try uninstalling all previous versions of Kazaa and installing cleanly, after running Ad-Aware.

    Google tells me these are the functions of the D3 kernel. The introduction is the first link on the page.

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    dont sound good


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