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Thread: Newbie Needs Help To Burn Movies To Svcd

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    Ok, i have some movie files that i have downloaded off Kazaa to my hard drive and i want to try burning them to SVCD using Nero Express. Nero Express gave a message saying i did not have a mpeg2 plugin installed when i tried to create a SVCD.

    Downloaded a file of about 18000kb off here which i thought might be it and this time Nero Express said i had a plugin detected and installed so i thought i was off and running. But when trying to add a file to burn i get the same message again

    Due to license restrictions, the MPEG2 encoding/converting is not avilable.
    To add this possibility, please purchase the new Mpeg2 codec plugin at

    Do i have to purchase the exact codec for my version of Nero or is their another option?

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    1,364 How to burn (s)vcd's. Same as (s)vcd IF your home dvd player can play them.

    And these may aid you in your quest plus DON'T use Nero only use for the burning when finished. - VideoDud tutorial - repair avi's - Video-Fixer what it say's - Kazaa Corruption Fixer if you have downloaded it off of KaZaa. - tutorials -As it say's adding sub's to an Avi - joiner and splitter programs - How to use Tmpgenc - about Mpegs and how to test bitstreams (file) -some plug-ins for Adobe Premiere (Avisynth) -Links to places about codecs what is Avi,Mpeg,ogg etc.... -For alot of downloads of audio and video tools. - For a more compressed (s)vcd one disc - TMPGEnc templates optimized with KVCD parameters. - For a movie Test Sample.

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    yes tmpgenc & I would do a good virus scan before you do anything, plenty of trojans/virri in thoses "plugin's"
    once you're sure read a follow this


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