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Thread: Uninstalling Mpc

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    just wondering how to uninstall mpc. theres no uninstall file in the folder, theres no link to uninstall in the k-lite codec pack group on the start menu, and it doesn't show up in add or remove programs...does this mean its safe to just delete the folder? i don't want any unnecessary entries left in the registry or stuff like that.

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    You want to get rid of a codec pack or just Media Player Classic.
    MPC is a stand alone executeable. Completely self-contained so it's safe to just delete that or overwrite it to upgrade, but if it's a codec pack then you may have some work ahead of you. You can't just delete the codec pack folder because most of what the codec pack installs is in the System32 directory. I would suggest trying to reinstall the SAME codec pack over the old one and see if it makes a working uninstall shortcut, and then uninstall.

    -Hard way----
    Uninstalling codecs by hand is hell. you need to type stuff like this into a run window or make a .bat file out of this code (edit as needed)
    resvr32 -u my_dll_or_ax_filename.dll_or_ax
    Then delete the files by hand. Then you would delete the shortcuts, and all the files in the program files directory, then go into the registry, and clean it out. RegSeeker helps A LOT. No install, and it makes back-ups and does a on more for free, but you'd probably still have to go into the registry by hand.

    Hope that helps, but I still don't understand why there's no uninstall shortcuts. What version of Windows and Codec pack are you using?

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    Just delete the folder.

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    i meant just mpc. thanks to both of you.


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