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Thread: Xp Boot Disk ...

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    Hello all

    Am finally ready to format .. but have one last question.
    Is there a cd alternative to the 6 xp floppy disks?

    It will save me time from making them all and then loading each one, and Ive always wanted to know .. as Im sure there is. So if there is.. care to point where to get one from?

    Cheers ....

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    yea. i've been looking for a working xp boot disc. help?

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    Theres me getting all exited after seeing somesones replied, lol.

    Am going to format in half an hour so hopefully I can get a solution before then (que to other members to help out? ) .... hope someone can ...

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    the windows xp disk should be bootable, just set your bios boot order to look in the cd rom first and it should boot from the cd, and then you can install xp.

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    Thanks for the reply ... upon reading I remember that you should be right as when loading the cd from windows and beginning setup, on restart, it should continue... But the windows xp pro disk I have ... well, wasn't bought for much money lets say (ok ok .. it was downloaded ) ... so when burning I didn't go about it a special way and would like to have a boot disk just in case I do fall into problems ...

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    Ahhhhhhhh ... just searched room .. and realized .. I have no xp cd at all

    After all that preperation too ... so now I ask ..

    What is the absolute best version of xp to get which includes service pack 1 and where do I get it from? ... dont want to start a new topic on it so would appreciate answers.

    Also ... is it right to for me to say that I want to be bootable .. or will any xp cd be as long as I burn it the right way?

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    You can make your XP CD 'bootable' and slipstream SP1 in it.

    Using Roxio

    Using Nero


    Edit: Is your version Corporate? You can also add the Corp. files also, they are about 12.8M in size. I have only seen them on emule recently.

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    Hey hello there ... you sound helpful, lol.
    Well I currently dont have xp (have it installed .. but not on cd anymore) .. so am downloading it now .. im getting:

    Windows xp pro corp final - from kazaa 504mb
    windows xp corp sp1 - from emule 472mb

    Thanks for the links! .. will check them out .. and do you think either of them will do the job for me, and is the best versions of xp from the p2p world?


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    lol why would you download a service pack for windows xp from any where but microsoft, its not like it costs anything

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    At over 400mb its a bit large for a service pack dont you think? and by saying:

    "either of them will do the job for me, and is the best versions of xp from the p2p world"

    I though it was quite clear that I am getting 2 different xp cd images, to ensure that one works and am unsure if either is any good.

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