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Thread: You Want To Battle?

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    The Battle

    This battle will be over April 4th or until last judging.

    Please Read First!
    Hey what's up guys, I wanted to start a Hip Hop Battle here! If you guys or girls think you got what it takes to get to the top of this post then go ahead. Read the following.


    - No racial remarks
    - Keep your rhymes at a maximum of 15 lines, save more for the next round.
    - Do not post rhymes from other songs (Automatically disqualified)
    - In the beggining of rhyme please type in your "Stage name" VS. "Opponent"
    - You can only have 1 opponent at a time. Do not go off on everyone but the one you have choosen or been chosen for and when determined who defeated who, then battle another for the next round.
    - Each battle gets two rounds. Thats two rhymes for both contestants.
    - If one opponent does not respond for 2 days(48 hours), they are automatically disqualified. Other takes the lead.
    - You may not vote for yourself (automatic disqualification)
    - One rhyme at a time, let opponent go next for your next.


    - Check spelling first and formost
    - Please use / to separate lines
    - Punchlines are major points along with metaphores and similies.
    - Do as much rhyming as you can
    - Make a direct approach to your opponent
    - Do not curse too much (shows poor talent and a limited vocabulary)
    - Big words add to your rhyme
    - Listen to a beat during your rhyme to help you fuel your ideas.

    Your Opponent:

    You will choose your opponent, again, only one opponent at a time. If you are the first off to go then at the begginning of your rhyme type: "Your name" Vs. OPEN BATTLE. You got it? Good.


    The crowd itself will be the judges of the battles. The Judging will be counted by numbers, all individuals judging will show a number from 1-10 and the "ARTIST NAME" below it. Rating from Bad to Good. Judge after each battle, meaning after they both went for the first time. Then Judge the secong round after both have gone. Judges may add additional comments if they must. You can not vote for youself. The artist first to 30 points wins. PLEASE VOTE FAIRLY AND ACCORDING TO RULES.

    Do You Have What It Takes?

    If you have any question there will be another post for that soon. DUE NOT POST ANY QUESTIONS HERE. Thank you.

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    Aug 2003

    "Your Name" VS. "Opponent"
    or if first one off
    "Your Name VS. OPEN BATTLE

    15 lines maximum


    Let Opponet respond for the next 48hours(2days)
    Hold all Judging util Opponent responds please!


    7 for "Your Name"

    Additional Comments by Judge:If any
    "Revenge is a meal best served cold"

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    im ready.Who ready is ready ?


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