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Thread: Dsl

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    Hey i wanna know all about dsl like

    what is the cheapest ISP

    what is a dsl modem and how much it cost

    how do i hook up the modem to the pc

    what else i need for dsl other than the moden
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    You are asking a question that depends upon the specific levels of service in your area. And rates can vary widely across the US, UK or where ever it is you hail from.

    This is, IMO, the best site for everything you had ever wanted to know about broadband services and technology. Comparison charts and speed tests for your current service or for searching ISP's in your area or just about anything else you can damn well think of including user reports from ordinary joes/janes who contribute their own opinions about the service they use.

    And a bit on the hardware and modems that broadbandwidth services use: most are designed to be relatively easy set-ups and are self-install packages that you can do on your own in a matter of minutes.


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