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Thread: Joining Two Movies

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    hi, i have two is an avi and the other is an mpeg
    i believe they're probably using different audio codecs (i'm not sure)
    but they're from the same movie....part 1 & 2

    so, how do i join both of them together? wat kind of software would work in this case?

    thx B)
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    Sorry, but you can't join two movies of different formats.

    You'll have to convert one to match the other, or convert both, and then join them.

    I'd suggest getting g-spot and checking that one of them isn't just a renamed version. If both movies are a pair, as in they play sequentially, then I reckon one of them might just be renamed to a different format.

    Once you know that, you can make a better decision.

    Anyways, can I just ask what movie joiners you all use ? I prefer freeware, and I use VirtualDub for Avi's, but the mpeg joiner I was using ran out of it's trial period. I'd use TMPGEnc, but it won't run on this shitty computer.

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