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Thread: Preview With Torrent

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    is there a possibility to preview movies with bittorrent?

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    I have before but it was when i had all of the begining sevtions complete and i could only see part of it. Plus the movie has to be avi or mpg, not .tar
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    If it is an actually movie format (meaning that it is not say, an rar file) you can perview it using videolan.

    If you are using bit torrent I wouldn't bother with the perview, I have yet to run into a single fake.

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    It's always worth previewing large files even though there's no fakes. The other day I downloaded Monster only for it to be an (unlabelled) Spanish version. I notice it's since been renamed Spanish, but it's always worth checking on new torrents.

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    everything that was said here is true. u can previewe movies if they are like avi and such as long as u get the first parts of the file....... i think


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