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Thread: Quick Access To Anything Without A Mouse

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    Quick Access to Anything Without a Mouse!

    If your someone like me who wants quick access to everything then just listen to
    what I have to say. This article will tell you how to makes shortcuts on your keyboard
    that are Ctrl + Alt + "Any Key Of Your Choice." Heres what you have to do:

    1. Make shortcuts of the programs you want shortcuts to somewhere in your start menu.

    2. Right click on one of them and click on Properties.

    3. Now click on Shortcut if its not already there.

    4. Click on ShortCut Key's white area box and type a letter other than ones used
    by XP like Ctrl Alt Del and stuff. I used the number 1 through 0 (after 9).

    Do that and it should work. If it doesn't make sure its in the Programs part of
    the Start Menu, I haven't tried outside programs, if it still doesn't work go to
    the help section and ask a microsoft person.
    -=By [DRN]Piroman=-

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    also work with shortcut on desktop, and you can use CTR-MAJ instead of CTR-ALT wich have 2 advantage, first of all there almost no predefined shortcut and cou can use only one finger instead of 2 ...

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    I prefer Macro Express for keyboard shortcuts, I usually need more than one thing done at a time,

    an example, when I use Kazaa, I use a macro to check my internet connection (I sometimes disable my network card and firewall), (old kazzaa, it loaded the participation level registry cheat) open kazaa - size - position it the way I like it - and set up with my usual search options. then it opens sizes - positions my default D/l Folder and my organized files folder, and opens - sizes - positions the website I use to look up songs. all with a shortcut key.

    It's not all that hard to learn either. the help files are well written. That's just one example. I hardly ever need my mouse.


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