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Thread: Dvd Rom

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    I got a ASUS16x DVDrom. I think i messed up with the Region settings. now most DVDs (not all) play untill the root menu but i click to play the movie it doesnt. It tries to read the DVD its best but at the end it cant.

    There two places where to set the region. One in the Player (WinDVD/PowerDVD) and the other in windows (DVD drive>properties). I noticed my windows region settings is set to 1 and i have 2 more changes remaining. while the same DVD rom that my friend has, the region is set to "none". Is this the problem? anyways how to fix it?
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    what are the region of the discs?
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    where are you from? once we know where you are from we can tell you which region setting is teh right one for your country.

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    Try DVDGenie
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    go here:

    see if theres any info - can probably make it region free
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