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Thread: Downloads Starting Over

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    Hey! I have a quick question. When I download a file, some times I just pick a few files and go to bed. in the morning the computer is off line and most sometimes all the files are at zero kb's. when I left them they were half done or more. this has been happening quite a bit lately. in the past when the pc would go off line it wouldnt erase the downloads progress like that. it would just start up where it left of. it doesnt do it all the time, but most of the time. very frustrating! thanks

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    if you lose sources for the file that can happen

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    i am having the same problem. if i am dl a large file (700+ megs) and i shut down kazaa or pause dl when it restarts the counter always goes to 0. but the dat file says it is still at whatever size it was before pausing. my main question is, IS THIS DAT FILE NOW SCREWED? if i turn back on kazaa and it restarts the dl the original dat stays there saying it is at 500 megs yet counter is at 0. do i need to delete the dat and start new or just leave it and when it passes where it was it will continue being buit up?

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    Your hdd may be full, or WORSE YET corrupted with lots of lost allocation units (pieces of files that got lost.)

    You need to run a SCANDISK and DISK CLEANUP.

    And you probably also need to backup and delete some stuff to free up some more hdd space so you can download more.


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