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Thread: I Downloaded Something Cant Find

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    it took at least a few days to download it because not many people had D N Angel-02 so it just finished today. (March 6, 2004/ 1:50pm) and i cant find it in mai folder..i looked over it like 5 times already...i need some serious :helpsmile: ....PlZ?????

    P.S. When it was downloading i could preview it and everything why cant i find it now????? Sorry im very slow

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    If your running Windoze click on "start" choose "search" type in "D N Angel-02" press "enter"

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    If, by any chance, you have moved your previous destination folder somewhere else the file got deleted.

    It also might got corrupted. Deletion.

    Or it was not renamed. Look for a big .dat file in your "My Shared Folder" folder and preview it, then change the name and extension if needed.

    Edit: Is D N Angel worth getting ?


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