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Thread: E-mail

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    is it possible to send movies through e-mail, i mean a 700mb movie??

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    Even on cable not a good idea. There too big . Upload costs with your ISP would kill you. With msn file shareing maby?

    edit I send me mom movies of the little ones on msn but there like 30 seconds or such

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    This as been asked before NO emails can't get even near to that size,break it into smaller parts with say Winrar then send via msn.
    Smaller parts just in case you lose the connection etc.

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    Originally posted by the mask@6 March 2004 - 23:58
    is it possible to send movies through e-mail, i mean a 700mb movie??
    even if it was possible, it wouldnt be a good idea.............. and it would take forever........... first you have 2 upload it to ur ISP, who sends it to the recipients ISP, from which the recipient has to download is............

    id recomend IRC, Direct Connect or even MSN and slsk over emailing such a big monster...............
    great FTP site for awesome quality video clips
    yeah, you have to sign up, but its worth it

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    WOW talk about filling up someones inbox, not a good idea, I hate to see emails with attachments larger than 5 meg myself, even on high speed internet they can take a bit to download


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