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Thread: Subtitles

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    Hi everyone!
    I'm Dodi I'm a Turkish so I'm looking for Turkish subtitles. How can I do? Please help me....

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    To watch movies with subtitles you first need to install a directshow filter for Windows Media Player which is called DirectVobSub. To install DirectVobSub, follow these easy steps:

    1) Download DirectVobSub
    2) Run the exe-file to start the installation

    After you've installed DirectVobSub on your computer, Windows Media Player will be able to show subtitles in your movies. However, you will also need to download a separate movie subtitle file before you get subtitles in a movie. Once you've downloaded a subtitle for a movie you simply place it in the same folder as the movie you want to watch. Then you have to make sure the filename of the movie and subtitle is the same. Otherwise you will have to rename the subtitle file, so the player understands that they are associated. Finally you start the movie and you should hopefully get subtitles when you watch the movie.


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    Sometimes slow with newer releases but has many languages including Turkish.


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