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Thread: Is There A Way To Bypass The License Aquisation?

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    After downloading and downloading and downloading, i'm finally finding the time to watch what i downloaded.

    Most of the stuff is good but some if it has licenses that it has to aquire before it will play. i don't have the username of pass to do this.

    is there a way to bypass this so it doesn't ask?


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    I assume this is a windows media problem, I don't know any other formats that use protection like that.

    You could probably open the file in another player, or try and remove the protection.

    Here's a link that details removal of embedded URL's that open popup windows in Windows Media player, I would assume a protection would be similarly removed in the same way.

    Windows Media Scripting

    If that doesn't work, at least post what format, codec, player, and where you downloaded this file from. It'll probably help a lot.
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