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Thread: Avi Files To Svcd Or Dvd

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    Does anybody do this ? I have tried it using various things and always end up with the aspect ratio changed. A 16:9 movie is changed to 4:3. Everything else is fine, quality sound sync etc not a problem.

    If anybody can tell me the software to use and the settings I need that would be fantastic.

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    if you're using TMPGEnc - you can change the aspect ratio here ('wizard' enabled in 'file' menu); after you select your source etc, click this 'Other Settings' box:

    then you can set the aspect here in the 'advanced' tab:

    thats the way mines is set anyway, 1:1 for source and 'Full Screen, Keep Aspect Ratio' in the 'arrange method' box

    once you get used to using it you can mess around with the other settings to increase the quality, just let it encode a few minutes at a time, then play, to see what works best for you

    also have a look at muchspl2's KVCD guide (links in his sig), the quality is ~as good as VCD and you can fit a full film on one disc

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    you can also use CENTER (CUSTOM SIZE), and set it to 720 x 405 (a ratio of 16/9) for dvd.

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    Thanks for the replies. I am unfamiliar with the prog, I will give it a try based on your suggestions. :helpsmile:

    Edit - I have tried the suggestions, thanks again. I have selected enough to fill just under one CD and it is encoding an MPG layer 2 file

    Super Video-CD PAL (MPEG-2 480x576 25fps CBR 1600kbps, Layer-2 44100Hz 224kbps)

    2 questions, does that look about correct ? and will I be able to play it on my DVD ? I can play SVCD discs on it, but normally they come with 3 or 4 folders on the disc. In fact thirs wee sneaky question, Do I just burn the output file to disc or do I need to do something else to play it on my player ?

    Thanks again, I will have a look at the KVCD thing as well, does that play on DVD players as well ?

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    Nearly there, I have created the mpg file and I have created an SVCD from it. The aspect ratio is fine as is the picture. But there is no sound.

    This must have happened when I was making the mpg file. There is sound on the avi and no sound on the mpg. A further assist would be great if anyone can help. I am assuming it is a setting I have wrong, can anyone advise ?

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    its your vafpi settings read and follow here
    and after you are done, I use nero to burn

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    If you still have problems with the sound after changing the vafpi settings use cucusoft, its ideal for a beginner, but quite slow.

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    Thanks again, I have changed the settings as described by muchspl2 and I now have the video and sound working. It is just about there. One small problem is that it is a bit jerky, not a lot but noticeable once someone points it out to you, which obviously they did.

    It's almost like it misses a frame every so often. I have downloaded SVCDs and the person who pointed out the jumpiness to me (on mine) did not make any comment. I can only think that either I have a setting wrong, or my processor is too slow AMD Athlon 1.2, 640 Mb SDRAM ? I have tried changing the setting to High Quality (slower) but that did not make any real difference.

    Once again any help would be much appreciated.


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    when i make a dvd with nero i can have 16.9 or 4.3 with no messing


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