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Thread: Re-register Os

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    hi, my OS (win xp) is registered in the name of 'test' and i would like to change this to my own name, how do i do that. i mean sometimes when some programs are installed they have registration forms which automatically bring up the name 'test' but i want that to change to be my own name without me having to delete it and typing my own name in. i hope you understand what im trying to say

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    Right click 'My Computer' then select properties.
    Select 'Computer Name' Tab then the change button near the bottom.
    Enter the name you wish in the provided field.

    Hope that helps,

    Edit: Oops, I took a closer look and I dont think thats it.
    There is a way to change it though in windows and there are several tweak programs that will do this also.

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    Try this
    if you find that the "RegisteredOwner and RegisteredOrganization." says "test" in the reg key below then do it

    If you want to change the owner and organization in System Properties, just do the following:

    Open the registry (goto start-clik run-type "regedit" )and go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion

    Now just change the value for RegisteredOwner and RegisteredOrganization.
    Just checked it - YES this information is Correct, it is that value
    so change the values to whatever you want

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    when you say 'change the value to whatever i want', do you mean i can put my name in there?

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    Right clik on both
    registered owner and organization
    clik modify
    change the "test" to anything you want in both of them
    close regedit
    and look at your system properties
    youll be a new man

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    thank you, im a new man!

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