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Thread: What Is "the Crisis"?

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    everything keeps saying pre-crisis and post-crisis in dc comics, what is the crisis!?

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    by 1985, DC's multiverse had gotten out of had with like 8 versions every character. so in order to condense it to one single, simple universe they created the crisis on infinite worlds. i would suggest picking up the 12 issue maxi series as it is rather enjoyable. unfortunately, not to long after, they had to do a major house clearing again with the zero hour crossover, to much less success than the crisis.

    everything precrisis happened before the maxiseries and everything postcrisis is post maxiseries.

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    This site pretty much explains it all.

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    a silly solution to a silly problem. they create a multiverse, realize it's too complicated and edit it out of existence with a super deluxe crossover mini-series where every page has a different character dying... then they create another multiverse, realize it's too complicated... yadda yadda yadda.


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