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    As the topic says, what are these newsgroups exactly? I see them mentioned in lots of places and i aint to sure what they are.

    ...Sorry if this is a bit of a noob question! B)

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    newsgroups are the "old school" forums.

    I am not sure where they are hosted really.

    they are where people use to talk about star trek like alt.geek.trek

    traditionaly you need a news reader program like outlook to view the newsgroups of interest, but you can go to google and click the groups tab. here you can gain access to most news groups.

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    Newsgroups are also where the latest games/apps/movies/music etc are released as well if you know where to look, i suggest you ask your isp if they have a newsgroup server, it should be something like this once ou know this download newsbin pro or grabit, NB off kazaa and grabit is free just do a search on google, set the program up and our ready to go.

    The only prob is ppl are not allowd to post any files over 20meg i think it is, so if you want a big file .iso or a movie screener you will have to download 50 or 60.rar files and then extract them once they are downloaded.

    hope this helps


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    alt.binaries.dvdr is my favorite forum. However a full DVD movie is about 4 gigs, which takes hours to download. I'm on a very fast cable connection, and it takes me about 8 hours to get a full movie. Newsgroups are the backbone of the internet. They were around long before the days of Internet Explorer and Netscape. Movies which you download on Kazaa are first ripped, then posted to newsgroups anonymously, so that anyone can download the files. After they have been shared for a while, then they start to show up on Kazaa.--

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    Thanks guys for the help, thats helped explain it a lot!!!!


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