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Thread: Major-plz Help

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    The dvd is copy protected probably. Get another ripper like DVD X copy
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    Originally posted by 4th gen@7 March 2004 - 21:38
    The dvd is copy protected probably. Get another ripper like DVD X copy
    yep try that

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    I'm assuming you copy and process dvd's directly from the disk to the hard drive with dvd shrink.

    I personally rip it first with dvd decryptor and then use dvdshrink to make the movie smaller, so can't really advise other than to recommend using a separate ripper.

    You may be getting this problem because the protection code is preventing the movie from being copied. But if this had worked before, then it could be the disk itself or drivers (possibly aspi drivers) may need to be re-installed.

    But i'm just guessing here as i use a separate ripper. You should download dvd decryptor and try it. If rips ok, then its dvd shrink at fault.

    EDIT: As i was writing this message 3 other people replied before me


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