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Thread: Getting New Computer

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    Soon... im going to purchase a new computer... is there any suggestions on what computer i should get... any websites to help me out? i was thinking of getting dell computers

    they got nice ones for cheap pricing.... but then TCPA! -- its making me change my mind alittle... sigh*

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    buy one off of ebay if you dont build one. You get more for your money and you can help the little guy by buying on by someone who built it him or herself,

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    I would rather build a computer than get those, but your choice.

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    lol no skilled at building one...
    onli 14!!!!
    lol.. dunno all da parts... sooo... not going to try...

    still want a notebook parents wont get me one...

    say: too much errors, no use... already have a computer... we will get you a new one when your brother goes off to college in the summer lol

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    I'd suggest an Alienware? PC. They make really great systems. If you can't afford them I don't no what to tell you.

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    Originally posted by Soul814@7 March 2003 - 19:22

    they got nice ones for cheap pricing.... but then TCPA! -- its making me change my mind alittle... sigh*

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    What's your current computer specs? What's your $ limit? Can you gut your current puter of its HDD, cdrw, etc. to save money? What do you want your new puter to do? Do you have to have an Intel or is AMD OK? Just a couple questions (+ more) I'd ask myself.

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    I would still build it yourself even if you have no experience. Basically, just ask the people here about whatever questions you might have, or read a FAQ on the subject. For two exactly the same PCs, the price might even double if you bought it from a major manufacturer.

    If you live in US: newegg


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    alien ware is nice... i've seen it before... but since i want a labtop / notebook its going to be expensive... i dunno how much my mother is willing to spend for a new computer... i can prob get the cheapest desktop of alien ware.... but i still like notebooks better since theres already 3 desktops at my house.... mine is penti 1... bought it when it was Windows 3.11 changed the hard drive once because virus killed it... :/ ... had my com for like 5 years already.... now i want a new one... and my mom is thinking about getting me a new one when my brother moves out for college...

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    You cant go wrong with alienware. Bad ass machines. I build my own computers, that way, I get exactly what I want in it, down to the last piece of rounded cable.

    And if u buy ur parts online, u can generally save some good money....

    and, the "cheap" software we can ahold of, B) , saves even more

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