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Thread: Howard Stern Shows

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    I missed alot on Howards show last week and someone told me I can find them archived on Limewire. I use nothing but KLite.

    Since Limewire Is the Gnutella network Can I use something better then Limewire or would I have to use that to find the shows he was talking about.

    Thanks for any help!

    Unless someone knows where else to get them.



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    Check the misc section on Suprnova. They've got all last weeks shows. That's where I got them anyway.

    They're quick dls at only aboutn 38mbs each for about 3 and a half hours talk.

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    Ok thanks man.

    I guess Im gonna finaly make myself learn about bitorent. It seems like most people like torrentstorm so I will start with that. What do you use?

    By the way, cant wait to hear Howard in a couple hours, Its going to be very interesting.

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    I'm using Shadow's experimental client. Get it here.

    Yeah, Howard's been like a rabid dog all week. Good stuff.

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    Rabid dog, haha, good one.
    I'll check that out, thanks again!!


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