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Thread: Deep Pockets. Lcd, Pda And Laptop. Help Me To Choo

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    Hi m8s

    This will be an unusual post.
    I have been offered to get 3 devices payed by the company and I have to choose them soon (we will buy the three products). They are: A laptop, a PDA and a big LCD screen.
    The most important factor in all of them is the graphics. The budget is not the big factor this time, but it is not unlimited. I appreciate your help here. Thanks in advance.

    The laptop:
    I actually own an Acer laptop with Nvidia Geforce2Go 100 graphics but the screen is really bad, the angle of view is really limited and the colors are really bad. I need the laptop screen with nice crisp colors and with good response time. It must be easy with the eyes. Must be at least 15'', preferably Centrino powered (for the battery benefits) and a nice fast graphics card can be a plus (that let me play some games) but not necessary. It must have firewire and DVD-ROM (better if it is a DVD+RW).
    I have heard that DELL, Toshiba and Compaq laptops are good quality.

    The PDA:
    I don't know so much about this, but it must communicate nice with my Windows XP systems. Screen is again the main factor, it must be easy with the eyes and it must be color. Have heard that the Ipaqs have nice screen. I have almost bought a Casio Cassiopeia some years ago. Battery here is a plus and it would be nice if I can connect good storage (like those IBM micro hard drives). I really don't know if going for last Windows or a Palm based PDA. I think I could prefer the Windows one (because I administer lots of windows machines) and I think that the amount of PDA Windows software has grown in the last years. Nice games is a plus also here (for that moments of long waiting times, like airports). It must be easy to connect via wireless standards.

    The LCD monitor:
    The words here are big, crisp colors and as less ghosting as possible. I already own a NEC LCD2010X 20'' screen. It has nice colors and contrast but it has terrible ghosting in games! I am looking for something in the 23-25'' range. It must scale down well to low resolutions like 800x600 because I use some special external devices that only work at this resolution. The NEC that I have scales well here from its native 1280x1024 to 800x600.

    That's it. I hope I can find some help from you m8s. Thanks again.

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    go lcd2 , shits all over normal lcd screens

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    Originally posted by delphin460@8 March 2004 - 10:22
    go lcd2 , shits all over normal lcd screens
    What is LCD2? Have not heard about it.

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    for the laptop go for an alienware they are teh best laptops for gaming, imo.

    for teh pda i dont know much about them but i like those pocket pcs with windows 2003 pocket pc or somehting like that. the one that looks like XP.

    and for teh LCD screen i again have no idea sorry.

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    For the lcd just get the 30" one from alienware to come with your laptop if you want. $4000, with a $400 dollar rebate.

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    Nothing beats an Area 51 (alienware) when it comes to mobility.


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