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Thread: Windows Xp

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    hi i hope someone can help me with this. my dad has an legal copy of windows xp home edition he was tring to do an fresh install but he lost the key a while back we was tring to find the key on the computer but its no where to be found i downloaded a product key viewer but it give him an invalid code can anyone tell me where to look to find the code or an good key viewer . thanks alot

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    From kazaa lite

    "xp key changer" .. is 247kb. Icon is of homer.
    Is a zip of 3 files, intructions, key finder .. and key changer.
    Use the key finder to get a key for your windows xp home.

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    its not an pirated copy its an legal copy . we are tring to get the code so that he can reinstall thats why i need somthing thats going to look in the system and tell us what it is , is there any thing to do that

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    The easiest probably mate save you digging through the registy is install aida32

    Click on operating system ,it'll tell you there

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    You can download ROCKXP and use it to get your current product key and you can use that key to reinstall your legal copy of windows.


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