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Thread: Hidden And Dangerous 2 And Chaser Install Error

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    HI GUYS! I'm new to this forum and I need your help.
    few weeks ago I finished downloading 3 bin files of hidden and dangerous 2 and 2 bin files of chaser from kazaalite243e .
    when I burn the hidden and dangerous 2 files with nero, it went fine, but when installing , everything was fine until 3rd disc , I get errors like corupt file,etc. I usually get perfect working bin files.
    I also tried daemon tool, tried downloading 3 new hidden and dangerous files but the same thing happens during installation.

    chaser on the other hand took me months to finished downloading but I can't get the first disc to install without similar errors like hidden and dangerous 2. I heard uk verion of chaser has install errors but they came out with a patch fix for that , but even installing that fix didn't help .
    Did anyone else have same problems as mine with the same games? Did you fix them? and how?

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    Because you downloaded it from kazaa...kazaa is notorious for corrupted game files.

    Use eMule or BitTorrent


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