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Thread: Non-problem

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    This isn't really a problem , just something that bugs me...

    When I start Vice City , my cursor changes to a "spinny-wheel" one - only when I start VC. No problem there.

    As of late , the cursor also appears when I put my comp in/out of stand-by. Everything works perfectly , it's just that out-of-place cursor (which swithches back to normal as soon as I get into XP).


    - Is this a quirk of CursorXP ?
    - Can I alter it ?

    Again , this isn't a problem , just...odd.

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    I receive one or more "out-of-place" cursors myself.

    Either by using PA Tumi's cursor set or using CursorXP, my system may revert to using a default pointer cursor instead of that which is currently set at per theme. It might do this as I pass the cursor over certain program windows. Such as SysMetrix's option menu. Or I may see the default XP "CD spinning" instead of the busy cursor (again, used by my current theme) when inserting certain CD-roms.

    I do not think that this has anything to do with there being anything wrong with the system. Maybe just something that the application that you are using at the time, telling your system to display.


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