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Thread: Hi, I Need Bryce 5

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    does anyone know where to get a free/trail download of bryce 5? plz pm me with a link or post it here.... i need it bad..


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    Here you go:

    File:MetaCreations Bryce 5 FULL with Serial.exe
    Length:83414377 Bytes, 81459KB

    This one works. It's a little flashier than 4 but it also seems a little slower.

    Here's a little extra, Poser 4. It's the human model version of Bryce if you haven't heard of it.

    Length:138483521 Bytes, 135237KB

    I'll leave Kazaa up tonight so give her a shot if you want.

    Just as a little side note, the eyeball thingy in my sig was done in Bryce 5.....yeah I know, it's weird. But then again, so am I!

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