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Thread: Kazaa Lite 2.6 Problem

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    After installing Kazaa Lite 2.6 I can't see the banner images of some websites like going to the image in the upper right corner of the site won't show up anymore. Only the 'click here!' word show up. This problem occur in both Netscape 7.1 and IE 6.
    If anybody has a solution for this problem. Please sespond.

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    Thats a feature called "adblock", its blocks adverts/ pop-ups, to uninstall it, either use the HOSTS manager OR uninstall and reinstall it and untick the box box "install adblock" and tick the box "clear ad block before installing"

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    Where can I find the HOST MANAGER?

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    Originally posted by Harvz@9 March 2004 - 18:55
    Where can I find the HOST MANAGER?
    start > programs > k-lite > tools > Hosts Manager

    I reccomend doing doing the uninstall option though

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    Why would you want to see ad banners anyway?

    To make those images invisible, download eDexter.

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    I rather see the ads than seeing the word 'X' or 'click here!' or the annoying 'Oh...something went wrong here :-(' all over the screen insted of the images of the ad banner.

    I've tried to unintall KL 2.6 , but still have the problem. I even restore my computer to the time I haven't yet install the KL 2.6 , BUT STILL CAN'T THE IMAGE!.

    haxor41789 If this happen to you, Im sure you will miss the ad banner and you will want it back. Rather than that annoying word you will see over and over again evry site you go w/ a ad banner.

    What's this eDexter and where can I find it?


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    I said once you've uninstalled to reinstall it and tick the box "clear ad block before installing"....

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    But why is it I still I have the problem when I uninstall it and even restore my computer?

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    This is the version I have klite26pr1ne. It has alot more add0n than KLITE26RC17. But I dont now if the KLITE26RC17 has the same problem. coz I cant go back where I dont have this problem yet. Looks like this is permanently damage, it wont even fixed when I did the restore.

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