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Thread: Sudip Dcc Pending Crap

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    I have setup my options as they should be... according to any guides i have seen. I be able to d/l a file perfectly fine off of one bot then next 2 or 3 wont let me get the file. Its like they are be prejudice towards me. I dont have a filewall running when IRC is going. Im clueless on this. Maybe you guys can help.
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    could be the bot your downloading from is firewalled..,I don't know why u turn your firewall off..I have no problems with my firewall and i'm behind a router..This whole problem could also be major lagging from the bot ..when u send it a message does it respond right away or take a long time to respond(lagging).. if its lagging your sh** outa luck(the lagging could be caused by the bot being flooded happens with popular files)

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    I get the file almost right away
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    *try another bot*

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    Yep in most cases its a prob with the Bot, but im sure that is itsa popular file there will be tons more bots with it


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