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Thread: Hitman 2 Direct3d Error

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    I get this error when i try to play hitman 2. it's Fatal Error (Direct3D: Unable to create device. Try changing resolution or color depth. Of course i've tried changing the resolution and the color quality and it still pops up with the same error. can someone please help? i'm running winxppro.

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    wats the specs of your computer, like graphics card

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    i have an intel 82810. i just downloaded the latest driver updates also and it still says the same thing.

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    it might not be a 3D device. look up the manufacture note.

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    these are in the readme about compatibility and 3d.

    1.1 DirectX

    This game is optimised for Microsoft's DirectX 8.1. In order for you to play the game, you must have DirectX 8.1-compliant drivers for your video card and sound card. Please note that although DirectX 8.1 is installed with the game, your video and sound card drivers will not be upgraded to DirectX 8.1 drivers.

    You will need to obtain the latest DirectX 8.1 drivers from your card manufacturer or PC supplier. These drivers cannot be supplied by Eidos.

    1.3 Known Issues

    q Users experiencing problems with Hitman 2: Silent Assassin should verify that they have the latest drivers for all components in their PC.
    q We recommend that you do not ALT-TAB out of the game at any point.
    q Users who have the Hitman 2 demo already installed on their system might not get an install option from the setup menu. Be sure to uninstall the Hitman 2 Demo prior to installing the full version of the game.
    q Users of Logitech mice might have problems using the mouse wheel in the game. Setting the middle mouse button to “Middle Button” in the Logitech mouse setup menu usually fixes this.
    q On the lowest graphic settings (Object detail - LOW, and the Draw Distance - NEAR), the user might encounter some visual abnormalities.

    q The 3D sound Renderer is grayed out in the sound options menu. This is due to a problem with Open AL and the game.
    q Hitman 2 will only allow you to create 99 saves to your hard drive. If you have reached the limit and want to continue saving you will have to overwrite some of your earlier saved games or delete them to make room for new saves.
    q Audio pops: If you have the volume set to their highest levels out on your sound card you may encounter various audio pops during the course of gameplay. We recommend that you reduce the sound volume settings on your sound card and turn the volume up on your speakers to compensate for that change.
    q Uninstaller corruption: If at any point you are unable to uninstall this program, Simply deleting the Hitman 2 folder will not remove all of the files that were installed to your PC. We suggest that you re-install Hitman 2 to the same directory that you installed to originally. Once the install has completed you will be able to fully uninstall the Hitman 2 from your PC.
    q Muffled audio or looping audio when EAX is enabled: Certain sound cards are not EAX compatible. Please check to see if your sound card supports EAX. If you have enabled EAX in your sound options, and you noticed that your weapons sound muffled of certain sound effects are repeating then your card most likely does not support this feature. Disabling EAX in the sound options menu should clear up the audio problems.

    IO Interactive and Eidos Interactive are committed to providing customer support for our games on a continuing basis. In that spirit, there may be a patch for Hitman 2 forthcoming; visit the Eidos website for more information.

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    i have a amd xp 2100, geforce 4 mx, and 300 something ram and it works fine

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    It says i have to have directx 8.1. if i have 9 will it matter. even though i just installed 8.1 anyway. or does it not work with 9. that error message still pops up no matter what i do. anymore solutions?

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    i have direct x for me ...

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    I got Athlon XP 1.4 ghz, 256 megs of ram, directX 8, and a Radeon 7500... It works like a charm for me...

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    Im sure I had this problem when I BOUGHT this game. I had to change the thing about EAX in the Hitman2.ini read the readme and tell me what it says.

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