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Thread: Where Can I Find Clean Kmd 2.4.4

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    Ive been using KLite for sometime now (2.4.3) and i like it a lot. But the problem ive been noticing lately, is that there are a lot of fake files, and that sometimes the file im lookin for doesnt appear. For instance, i downloaded Overnet and i found millions of files while as in KLite, i found 3 or so. But whats the problem? Accordin to Overnet, i have a firewall (though I have NO PROGRAM WHAT SO EVER that would enable a firewall and the built in XP firewall is turned off, so i really dont know what the problem is). But because i loved Overnet so much, i configured the settings and im on a port that lets me download files at a decent speed (i have dsl but on overnet im downloading at 9kbs, which is bad for dsl, but i guess its good for someone who has a firewall). And Winmx queues annoy me, and Emule has the same problem as overnet, so i wanna try KMD if its any different.

    Basically im an mp3 man, i download 20 songs a day or so. For videos i use mIRC, but i want somethin for mp3s (but if theres a good p2p that is good all aroud, even better). SO if anyone knows where i can download Clean KMD 2.4.4 please let me know. Thanks

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    If you've got a router you'll have to forward the ports overnet is using...

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    Clean KMD connects to FastTrack also, which is the same network K++, K-Lite, KLR, and Kazaa connect to.

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    "If you've got a router you'll have to forward the ports overnet is using... "

    How in the wolrd can i do that?? I dont even know if i have a router, (probably do) but yea.... if i do have one how can i foward the ports...??

    Thanks in advance.

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    first you find out if you have a router (as the network admin) then go to klite>options>klite options>firewall> here you see the port klite is using, now call the router company and ask them to forward that port for you


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