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Thread: Need Original Doom 1 Wad Files

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    Hey guys. I've looked at many places to get the .wad file but failed so many times. Can some gimme a link to where i can get a registered version of the doom 1 wad file? I believe the file name is "doom.wad". the shareware one is "doom1.wad." I need the registered one cause I want to play the full Doom on my dreamcast.

    If u have the file then can u PM me so that i can give you my email address? Thanx in advance.

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    mate,but class game, this or alien triology was the first game i completed on the ps1.

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    Your wrong way around your after doom1.wad @ 4.03megs it would be quicker if you have an email account that can handle around 2.3megs then I'd send you the whole game itsself.
    PM me if you want it I am in the UK if that helps.


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