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Thread: Azureus Out

  1. #1 - Mar 08, 2004

    New Features:

    * QUEUED status. Torrents that are queued are stopped, but available for automatic starting
    * Partial support for Read-Only data (for seeding)
    * Added "Forced-Start" to force a torrent to start, ignoring download limits or seeding rules
    * Auto-positioning of finished torrent based on how badly the torrent needs seeding
    * Added Availability, Seeding Rank, SavePath, Max # Uploads, and Total Speed columns to My Torrents view
    * Categories to group your torrents in (right click on My Torrents and select Set Category to get started)
    * More auto-seeding options
    * Ability to limit maximum number of file handles open/in-use at any given time
    * Tracker - various performance enhancements such as announce/scrape caching. Tested to 500,000 peers on single torrent
    * Tracker activity logging to %azhome%/tracker.log
    * Tracker bytes in/out + scrapes recorded
    * Tracker - ability to limit number of peers returned
    * Share ratio now shown on tracker web pages
    * Tracker/client support for "no_peer_id" spec for bandwidth savings
    * More plugin stuff - alert raising, ipfilter reloading, various other stuff
    * Applet UI enhanced into usable state (start/stop/add/remove downloads) + auto refresh
    * Added torrent hashes for G2 + ED2K (ala]http://www[torrent files are not allowed]
    * Added colours to file view to show: grey -> requested; red -> data recently written


    * Split torrents in My Torrents view into 2 lists: Downloading and Seeding (Completed)
    * STOPPED status now means the torrent never auto-starts
    * Moved icon from Rank column to Name column
    * Removed Lock Priority. No longer an issue since priority only gets autochanged once
    * Remove "Lock Start/Stop" menu option. Stop now means no auto-starting/stopping
    * Re-design of Configuration view
    * Language files ( are read in the following order: Azureus user directory, Azureus application directory, JAR file
    * Remember sorted column and order for all views
    * Core performance optimizations and major cpu usage reductions
    * User prompt when (1) tracker listens fails (2) incoming server port bind fails
    * Config files/dirs and plugins now stored in OS user dir (Win: C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Azureus\, OSX: /Users/username/Library/Azureus/, Linux: /home/username/Azureus/)
    * Tracker log now includes date as well as time

    Corrected bugs:

    * Once a torrent is complete, and you remove the data, it wil no longer start downloading again when seeding rules are on
    * 1st column of MyTorrents no longer has a gap if there's no icon. (Windows Only Bug)
    * Fix for download stalls at 99% / 100% cpu usage bug introduced in 2070
    * Fix for minimize/close causing the program to disappear from view under OSX
    * Fix for icon bar buttons not being flat (Bug #890166) [Gudy]
    * More reliable .config and [torrent files are not allowed] file save/load management
    * Better handling of failures when performing "move on complete"
    * Handle torrent file names with trailing spaces and CR/NL (from Mac)

    Seems really quite different. I jsut got it and i don't fully understand the interface yet, but i'm sure it'll come to me. NB the autoupdate DOES NOT work. Download the jar file it suggests and then copy that to your azureus directory, stop azureus, rename the file from Azureus2.0.8.0.jar to Azureus2.jar (replacing existing file) then start azureus, if that fails check hte website for more info.

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    it is pretty different.. will have to get use to it

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    Jul 2003
    nothing new to me. i was just wondering when it came out

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    Azureus I prefer ABC myself

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    This versions alot better.The gui's a big improvment.

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    How come I always have to configure everything all over again when I update azureus??....And my plugins dont work now even tho they in the main azureus folder.

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    did you even bother to read the changelog ? All settings and plugins have moved to the users 'home' dir.

    however, as I usually use the cvs version mine was already moved there, dunno what happens if you uninstall old version then install new version, you might have to do it manually.

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    If you update the .jar file it should do that automatically (did with me anyway).

    If you uninstall the old one and then install the new one you'll lose your settings naturally.
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    I updated it manually...So how can I get mu plugins to work again?

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    That's what danne & I are trying to say.
    If you had updated it manually (replaced the azureus2.jar with the new one) the plugins should have been moved accordingly.

    The plugins now go in Documents & Settings/username/Application Data/Azureus/plugins/
    You may need to set the view to show hidden files and folders.
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