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    anyone got any advice on dvdr writers

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    How about we start with rw drives...
    Fisrt off we got our Dual-dormat drives, they record both formats of dvd discs. This is probably what you should get. They are alot cheaper then they used to be.

    DVD-R is the most compatible but it is cheaper then DVD+r discs (these are the 2 formats). I have found sites selling good quality dvd-r's for about 85 cents and dvd+r for about a dollar. You can probably find them cheaper but they might not be as good quality.

    Sony and Lite-on are acouple of the best dvd burners. I always see an auction on uBid selling Sony 510a dvd-rw (dual format) for less then 130 USD.

    Can you be alittle bit more specific on what you are looking for?
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    DVD+R(W) is technically better than DVD-R(W), but the media are a little more expensive so less popular, or maybe a little less popular so more expensive.

    I would go for a dual format drive, they aren't really any more expensive than the single format drives now. And go for the highest speed you can find. There are some around that will record at 8x speed on DVD+R media.

    I've not seen any actual 8x media yet, but I've no doubt there must be some and even if it is a little expensive at the moment it is certain to come down in price. And if someone comes out with 8x DVD-R media soon there may well be firmware upgrades for these writers to take advantage of this.

    You could look here for reviews, although the site appears to be down at the moment.
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