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Thread: Hidden Treasure In Winamp

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    Hi, I visited the chat room and they forced me (at gunpoint) to register at the board. I thought I'd make my first post about a little known use for winamp which is really useful to musicians.

    there is a way to set up winamps visualization to be a full screen spectrum analyzer.

    what's that you ask? It's a graphical way to see your music and analyze the frequence response.

    What's it good for you ask? It allows you to see where the weak areas are in your sonic spectrum (if you have problems mixing your own music, it's a must have). it can also help the average listener to learn how to hear the difference between a CD and an mp3 file (most people can't) by seeing the difference and paying more attention to sound in general.

    OK, how do I get it to work you ask?
    1. right click somewhere on winamp where you can get to options -> preferences or ctrl+P.
    2. click on Visualization under plug-ins in the left options panel.
    3. click on Nullsoft Tiny Fullscreen.... in the right pane
    4. there is now a drop-down list under the right pane, select Spectum Analyzer + Oscilliscope.

    that's it, now when you start a visualization you get a full screen Spectum Analyzer.

    if you don't like the colors used, I dont either, you can change them by
    5. click configure.
    6 double click on the squares in the Analyzer section and change to any colors you want. I prefer dk green, med green, lt green, yellow, red. .... and a dakish grey for peaks.

    to shut it off after starting, just hit esc.
    oh, and a music file has to be playing to see anything.

    hope someone finds this useful. it is kind of obscure.

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    this is really not that obscure but thanks.
    and welcome


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